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Successful entrepreneurs are flexible and adapt quickly. To stay ahead of trends, tune in to this interactive webinar that offers three unique points of view on the business climate and growth opportunities in 2023. This March, the floor belongs to dynamic and prominent women from our global startup community. Join us to learn how to leverage the current startup trends and ensure your strategy is progressive and up-to-date.

**❯ What You’ll Learn:**

* What are the startup trends and forecasts for 2023
* How to stay on top of the current situation and use it to your advantage
* What are the factors you need to consider before raising funds

**❯ Featured Speakers:**

* **(https://www.linkedin….) \- Venture Partner at White Hibiscus Capital:** Ajuma is an experienced business development consultant with a background in agriculture, education, technology, and international trade. She has consulted multiple companies on project management, turnkey projects, business planning, coaching, and entrepreneurship. Ajuma also possesses Social Entrepreneurship certifications from the University of Pennsylvania – The Wharton School, and Copenhagen Business School. Since 2021, she has been managing the FI’s Abuja cohorts.
* **(https://www.linkedin….) \- AI Ethics \+ Technology Policy at African Union:** With over 20 years in technology, Lavina is a notable thought leader in Africa’s AI potential. Her mission is dedicated to the creation of meaningful and innovative solutions that shape the African continent. Besides her passion for technology, Lavina has a vast experience with entrepreneurship and mentorship. She contributes to building the African startup ecosystem as a local leader with FI.
* **(https://www.linkedin….) -**  **Founder at Investable:** Keshni is a seasoned executive of multinational growth companies and technology startups. Her professional superpowers are business development, mergers and acquisitions, and transformation. With cross-functional teams of up to 50, she has implemented over 200 integration projects with budgets ranging from US$5k to US$6 million. Keshni is also an experienced business mentor and is currently working with FI cohorts in South Africa.

**❯❯ This is an interactive, live online event. To access the event, RSVP at (…” class=”linkified”>…)**

Ribeirão Preto, – Brazil

Monday, March 27 at 2:00 PM


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