photoRibeirão Preto Startup Founder 101

Join us for a unique opportunity to connect with early-stage startup investors and ask the questions that matter to you. In this Q&A session, you will have the chance to engage in an open discussion with a panel of investors who have a wealth of experience in working with early-stage startups. Find out how you can maximize your chances of raising funding and get hands-on tips for presenting your business to investors in the most favorable way.

**❯ What You’ll Learn:**

* What are the current early-stage investment trends
* What investors look for and how to prepare your startup for fundraising
* How to communicate with investors efficiently and what type of information to provide them with

**❯ Featured Speakers:**

* **(https://www.linkedin….) \- Partner at Acasia Ventures:**  Biola Alabi is a global leader, an experienced founder, and an angel investor. She is passionate about Media and Technology and has worked extensively networking with partners and associations to continuously develop the African technology and television industry. Biola focuses on early-stage investments and matches VC funds with the best startups.
* **(https://www.linkedin.c…) \- Co\-Founder and CEO at The Global Businesswomen:** Hanan is an Empowering Business Strategist supporting aspiring entrepreneurs and SME business owners to build and grow sustainable and profitable ventures through practical actions and strategies. She is the Co-Director of the Qatar chapter of FI.
* **(https://www.linkedin….) \- Founder at Funderstar LTD:** Mecedes’s specialty is in jump-starting new businesses, re-launching failed units, and leading new product rollouts, primarily in innovative technology companies. She is also an expert in global investments in high-potential tech startups and has partnered with FI London for over four years.

**❯❯ This is an interactive, live online event. To access the event, RSVP at (…” class=”linkified”>…)**

Ribeirão Preto, – Brazil

Wednesday, March 29 at 2:00 PM


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